News / Legacy / Awards

Dr. Raul Bendana/La Raza Medical Clinic:

1992 – Conde Advertising has served many clients with unusual requests for promotion and advertising, but none as challenging as the one by Dr. Raul Bendana, an expert in diseases of the prostate and male reproductive disorders. Dr. Bendana wanted to promote his services to the Hispanic community and wished to do so with a ‘sense of humor’. He was delighted with the agency’s final product and when aired by the Spanish speaking networks in Los Angeles, was met with such a fierce backlash by female viewers of all ages that it was immediately taken off the air and banned from play in the Los Angeles market, which had never, or has since been repeated.  To Dr. Bendana’s delight, he received a tremendous amount of business from the publicity of his ‘banned’ commercial, and Conde Samaniego received a Si Habla Espanol award for comedy in 1993 from KMEX and the Spanish advertising community, beating out larger agencies representing MacDonald’s and AT&T.

El Pollo Loco:

1980 - Conde Advertising was approached by the marketing sales staff of Los Angeles Spanish Television station KME X - Channel 34 to assist in building a campaign for the fledgling, privately owned restauranst EL POLLO LOCO. Creating a series of unique and diverse campaigns, Conde Advertising helped propel El Pollo Loco’s business in the Los Angeles market, and on the opening day of their location on Alvardo Street in Downtown L.A., there was a line around the block waiting to get in and see what was so special about their grilled chicken menu!  With its great success, the Denny’s corporation purchased the company the following year and a fast food legend was born!